Who IS your waifu, BTW?

I am a huge example of too many waifu ruin your laifu and it would be impossible for me to pick one or even a few, as I just have favorite girls and boys in any media I consume.

i will not be responding to any more casual asks on my art blogs to avoid ask-post bloat, and have deleted other asks sent to me today. if you send asks that are questions to me about games or media etc like this from now on, i will be happy to answer over at @tenkagain !
if i do draw a response doodle or something i can just reblog the ask to the relevant art blog anyways.



[My Red Mead: My Dear Honey Alcohol]

Owner: Medb
Type: Anti-Army
Rank: C
Range: 1~20
Maximum number of targets: 50 people

“One of Medb’s Noble Phantasms where she brings a torrent of golden liquor honey infused with her legend of charm, presenting it with a smile while saying “please drink”. Whether they are hostile or not, men will somehow take that drink. As soon as a man swallows it into his mouth, the man is as good as her’s.”


I was randomly inspired to do this after the original headshot sketch, so I went for it.
This isn’t a lower-resolution version or anything, but if you’re interested in a non-compressed (you know how twitter/tumblr is) version or the transparent steam-less version (or the PSD), you can fund my mcnugget addiction on https://www.patreon.com/TheTenk

Whether you do or not though, hope you like it!
Don’t make pee jokes.

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